How can I lower my health insurance costs?

Prices are set and determined by insurance companies, generally on a state-by-state basis. Premiums for group policies cannot vary based on your health status, age, gender or other factors unless you are purchasing a "Basic and Essential" health plan. 

However, there are some options available that can help you reduce the cost of your health insurance although most of these options will increase your out-of-pocket expenses and should be carefully considered and used only in appropriate situations. 

For example:

  • Instead of insuring most of your medical expenses, choose to insure only the large, catastrophic ones (see "Basic and Essential" health plan).
  • Reduce your monthly premium by increasing your deductible and paying more out-of-pocket before the insurance kicks in.
  • If you are in a POS or PPO plan, use only in-network doctors and services.